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Saturday, April 09, 2005

FAQ About The Reunion

We've put together this FAQ section to help answer some questions about our upcoming 10-year reunion.

Why will it be on July 9th?
This date was chosen because it is Fun Fest Weekend. We figured more alumni might be “home” around this time.

Why is it at Fatt Matt’s (old Red Rooster)?
This location was chosen for a few reasons. First off, when we initially were booking the location, our fellow classmate, Matt Fall, owned it. We felt it important to support 1995 alumni as much as possible. Second, this location was much more inexpensive than other places in the area. In addition, since becoming “Fatt Matt’s,” the facility has undergone a renovation.

Why is it going to cost us $20/classmate to attend?
Our class has $0 to plan a reunion with. The members of the reunion committee had to use their own money to even get the planning started. The $20 is covering facility rental, invitation materials (paper, postage, etc), food, entertainment, etc. We did our best to keep costs down as much as possible, while still providing an event we hope everyone will attend & enjoy.

What should I expect when I attend?
We’re hoping to have at least half of our graduating class join us for the reunion. We’ve also done our best to contact those students in our grade who attended NRHS with us, but for whatever reason did not graduate from New Richmond in 1995.

Finger food, fruit punch, and water will be provided to all alumni. A cash bar will be available throughout the whole evening.

Class booklets are being prepared for all those alumni who RSVP’d that they’d like one. These booklets will have info on all your fellow classmates & what they’ve been up to these past 10 years.

Entertainment for the night will be provided by DJs from the Twin Cities area. In addition, the "Senior Video" and "All Night Party Video" will be playing for your general amusement.


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