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Monday, April 11, 2005

Who's Coming To The Reunion?

As we get responses, we'll update this section. Here's who has RSVP'd so far:

Joe Ailts
Kelly Allers
Mike Antosh
Phil Bedell
Jeunai Bents
Ryan Berends
Wendy Berg
Radford Bishop
Todd Bottolfson
Scott Bowe
Jessi Brown
Keith Carl
Joe Connors
Betsy Croes
Becky Cummings
Becky Fleming
Josanna French
Jess Genske
Jill Groth
Bryan Hahn
Aliesha Haworth
Andrea Herdahl
Jean Jameson
Scott Klinger
Chad Knutson
Tina Knutson
Julie Kummerfeldt
Jaime Leduc
Eric Levasseur
Kristi Lundell
Colleen McNamara
Scott Mickelson
Sherri Moe
Mike Mukka
Brad Niederer
Ross Noak
Steve Olien
Hannah Peterson
Joe Place
Christine Remington
Kathryn Richter
Corey Rogers
Corey Sawyer
Sarah Schaffer
Sarah Scott
Tanya Seeger
Melissa Stephens
Shawn Thomas
Jolene Tollefson
Jenny Van Dyk
William Wilson
Liz Wold


Anonymous Kristi Lundell said...

Great job Sarah!

I'm really proud of everyone that's working so hard on this reunion. I think it'l be a great time.

I hope everyone will seriously consider attending!

4/14/2005 2:50 PM  

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